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Suppliers of Manganese, Copper and Iron Ore.

We are Manganese Ore, Copper and Iron ore suppliers and exporters in Kenya.

We supply good quality manganese ore mineral with a balanced chemical composition and predominantly supply the ferro Alloy producers in India and China. We supply Manganese Ore in raw form in Lumpy form or Chips and as per our clients specifications.

Product Attributes:

Good for the Ferro Alloy producers
Balanced Chemical Composition

Our Manganese Ore Grades

We do sorting of the ore and classify it in 3 grades, A, B and C. Grade A is ore with Purity of 43% and above, Grade B 35% and above and C below 35% mn. We are open to orders of each of the 3 grades  and can comfortably do any tonnage of each or combined.

We have also made arrangements with leading Manganese Ore companies in Kenya where we help them in Marketing the manganese ore to our dedicated buyer base in India and China.

We Also deal in Copper and Iron ore and have plenty of these minerals in Kilifi and Taita Taveta Counties in Kenya.

We strictly observe the following Values in our business


 Competitive Spirit

Focus On Clients needs

     Good Intellect


Commited and Reliable partner

We have given our clients Reliable services and have come to rely on our team for the professionalism in handlind the orders, logistics, documentation and shipment of minerals within the agreed tima and the specified qualities. We believe this has significant value in international trade and has earned us trust from our customers


Competitive Rates

We give the best rates in the market and this has been contributed by good rates from our reliable service providers and this has enabled us to extend unparalleled service, at very competitive rates to our clients without compromise on service or quality of products supplied. 


Grading and Quality Checks

At Daebak Mining we believe in  supplying raw minerals with unparalleled quality and reliability. We follow a very diligent process in order to supply you with the best possible quality. Our quality control includes grading, manual impurities removal, quality checks and random sample testing at the various labs across Mombasa and Nairobi to ascertain quality.


Profitable Growth

We yearn to Grow your business as we grow ours with increased orders of Base and rare metals from our clients, without compromising on quality of minerals, and make our partnership more profitable as time grows


Improving Always

Our Focus at Daebak Mining is to remain competitive by using the best practises in the market both in Extraction of minerals, Logistics and Shipment. 

Manganese Supply

We Supply Manganese ore between 30 % and 45 % mn. 

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Copper Supply

We Supply Copper Ore between 8% cu to 35 %. 

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Iron Ore Supply

We are also Licensed to Supply and Export Iron Ore.

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What Makes Us Different


We are always looking to Improve and have embraced technology to conduct many of our mining affairs.

Exceptional Service

With us clients needs come first and when the clients business grows we also grow and thats why we give the best possible service

Strive to Improve

We strive to continual improvement by employing technology and Learning to keep pace with the ever increasing buyer standards

Impressive Results

Our Results are unrivalled as we do everything according to Plan. We are always ahead of schedule in our supplies